Morro Bay #FemmeNouvelle: Ananda Jade Saribalis

Ananda Jade (AJ) Saribalis is a musician, yoga instructor, and caregiver living her best life in Morro Bay, CA. AJ settled in the dreamy beach town after earning her degree from Cal Poly SLO. After trying her hand in the wine and biotech industries, AJ decided to forego the comfort of Corporate America and take a chance pursuing her dreams. AJ is now a singer-songwriter and yogi, surrounded by nature and a thriving, supportive community. Wise beyond her years, this is AJ's story and advice to other women with a vision:

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The Nouvelle Connection (The NC): What is your definition of success?

Ananda Jade (AJ): The ability to create and live your vision. For me that looked like health in body, mind, and spirit. Freedom to frolic in nature with loved ones and do work that helps the earth and humanity.

The NC: What are some positive, key habits of yours?

AJ: Meditation and yoga first and foremost. Learning to SLOW DOWN. Time in nature, solo adventures. A lot of ‘positive’ journaling, writing down what I wanted rather than my previous high school journaling technique of complaining about things. Also clean food is a must, a clean home/living space and supportive friends/colleagues.

The NC: How do you start your day?

AJ: I’ve had several morning routines over the years that shift and change but always TEA! It helps me slow down, breath and pause. Starting the day by thinking of three things your grateful for is a great one. I also did “morning pages” for a year as suggested by the amazing book “The Artist's Way” (worth checking out for anyone with a creative bone in their body).

The NC: What are three essential things you carry with you in your bag when you leave the house? Besides your phone and credit cards!

AJ: I keep it pretty simple. Water, snacks, jacket. All you need for a spur of the moment adventure on the beach or in the forest.

The NC: 5 things you recommend for women looking to pursue their passion(s)?


  • 1. Figure out what your passions really are. Developing peace to listen to your deepest soul needs (rather than ‘ego’ chatter) and create a vision.
  • 2. Solo time. Set boundaries to hone in on your vision. Turn off the phone, TV, friend/family opinions, and tune into your inner voice, go “off the grid” and into nature.
  • 3. Collaborate. Once you find that vision look for support, branch out and find people who share your passions. Go outside your comfort zone to meet new collaborators.
  • 4. Work Hard. No short cuts. Practice, study, research, dedication. We have such an instant gratification culture, know that true success takes time and PATIENCE.
  • 5. Relax. I love the phrase “burning out is not a badge of honor.” Nourish your whole self, listen to your body when you need a break.

The NC: Planning or going with the flow?

AJ: Both! Go with the flow and dream, then manifest that vision one step at a time with a schedule/daily planner book.

The NC: What has been key in your journey to success?

AJ: Simplifying. Quieting the external influences of our culture/media to listen to my soul's deepest desires. Going into nature. Traveling alone. Quitting drinking.

The NC: How has your career/life path changed along the way?

AJ: It’s gotten a lot simpler and more peaceful. I have worked in the wine industry, the biotechnology industry, and on the business side of yoga. I feel healthier, happier and more balanced than when I was working those previous (and higher paid) jobs.

The NC: What advice would you have for young women today?

AJ: To use time and energy wisely. Think about what makes you thrive and what habits are going to create a sustainable life for your body, mind and soul.