Hollywood #FemmeNouvelle: Krista Marie Yu

Krista Marie Yu is an actor living in Los Angeles, CA. She is most well-known for her role as Molly on ABC's hit TV sitcom, Dr. Ken (alongside Ken Jeong from The Hangover trilogy and Community); the show also happens to be the third show ever on network television about an Asian-American family. Krista grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, and earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University before moving to LA to pursue a full-time professional career in acting.

As an actor who has found success in LA early on in her career, and one who has broken barriers in the world of Hollywood, she has valuable advice to share with other aspiring and working actors in the Industry:


The Nouvelle Connection (The NC): What is your definition of success?

Krista Marie Yu (KY): I believe that success is happiness within - looking at my life and being happy with the choices I make and way I live it. I believe finding success is an ever-changing journey full of challenges and failure along the way. After all, if you don’t fall, you wouldn’t know what it feels like to get back up and succeed anyway.

    The NC: Did you always want to be an actor?

    KY: I have loved to perform whether it was singing, dancing, ice skating, or acting ever since I was young. However I don’t think young Krista would believe her ears if she were told she would grow up to be an actor. Even now I realize the odds an actor, especially an Asian American female, battles with in the entertainment industry everyday. I’m lucky my life’s path has brought me to Los Angeles to strive for my dreams.

    The NC: What daily habits/life hacks are paramount to you?

    KY: Drinking water! Talking to my parents. Hugging my loved ones. Eating garlic and avocado.

      The NC: What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve learned to overcome as an actor in LA?

      KY: I think it is really easy to get swept up in trying to appease everyone else - trying to be what other people think you should be, trying to give them what you think they want. But if you’re spending all your time pleasing other people, you not leaving time to please yourself.

      The NC: 5 things you recommend for women in LA pursuing a career in acting?


      • 1. Stay inspired. Acting isn’t solely about yourself. It’s about the world around you and how you’re contributing to different messages and experiences throughout our world. I like to ask myself: What kind of actor do I want to be and how can I be a part of relevant and impactful stories?
      • 2. Pay attention and be prepared - The industry is constantly spitting out new movies, new shows, new product. Know what’s going on so you know where your puzzle piece fits, so you know how you can contribute. I believe the more versed and cultured you are as a person, the more color and specificity you can bring to your art and characters.
      • 3. Don’t compare. There’s room for everybody, and everybody has their own individuality to celebrated.
      • 4. Find your people. Who keeps you grounded? Who reminds you why you love what you do? I’m am beyond lucky for the supportive people in my life.
      • 5. Treat yourself. You can only bring your best foot forward, if you are feeling your best self. There’s so much rejection in this industry. Just because you didn’t book a role doesn’t mean you didn’t bust your bum for that audition. Find ways to reward yourself for that hard work, and eventually I believe other people will reward you too.

        The NC: What has been key to keeping you grounded in your journey?

        KY: Not defining myself by my career. I am proud and so very grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves before me, but at the end of the day I am MOST grateful for the friends and family that fill my heart with warmth, joy, and laughter.

          The NC: How has your career/life path or perspective changed along the way?

          KY: I genuinely love to act. I love being creative, and and love the art of performing. I have learned, however, that I also need to be a responsible artist - if I choose my passion to be a job, I need to treat it as a job. There are choices that are smarter than others from a business perspective, and it’s important to be aware of them.

            The NC: What advice would you have for young women in general today?

            KY: Lead your life with love for what you do, and love will be returned.

              *Editor's Note*

              Check out Krista Marie Yu's IMDb to follow along with her on the Big Screen, and click this link for tips on how to break into acting!

              **Photo Credit: Shanna Fisher

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