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From her longstanding, impressive career to her involved volunteer efforts and her success as a wife and mother of two, Heidi Guest (HG) has truly mastered the juggling act of today’s modern woman. Having worked in the beauty industry for almost the entirety of her career, HG now promotes women’s well-being as the Senior Director of On-Air Media and Leadership Development for Philosophy – you can catch her regularly on the QVC television network representing the brand.

HG chose the beauty industry based on passion, but that doesn’t mean it was an easy, straight shot to the top. After graduating from UC Davis as President of the Tri Delta sorority, HG joined the national organization as a Field Representative and shortly thereafter joined Procter & Gamble as the only woman on her team in a predominantly male dominated culture.

HG became very interested in the idea of women’s leadership and the importance of women helping other women early on in her career: “Our generation was one of the first that received the message that we ‘could have it all’ but there were...

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Pamela Flanagan (PF) is a modern day Renaissance woman extraordinaire. Attorney, model, polo player, horse enthusiast, horse rescuer, non-profit business mogul...the list goes on, but PF has her juggling act down and makes it look easy.

PF earned both her B.B.A. and J.D. from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, and is now a Texas-licensed attorney at Flanagan Bilton specializing in lowering property taxes on commercial buildings. While at SMU PF co-founded the university's horse polo team, and has carried over her love of the game and ponies by continuing to play and spearheading kill pony rescue efforts (more on that below).

While studying for the Texas Bar exam, PF began making prints using the thousands of photos she had taken on a 3-month long trip to Argentina to hang in her apartment. What began as a creative outlet and "a break from mundane legal lectures" turned into a successful side business - Polo Pony Prints - when friends noticed...


Krista Marie Yu is an actor living in Los Angeles, CA. She is most well-known for her role as Molly on ABC's hit TV sitcom, Dr. Ken (alongside Ken Jeong from The Hangover trilogy and Community); the show also happens to be the third show ever on network television about an Asian-American family. Krista grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, and earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University before moving to LA to pursue a full-time professional career in acting.

As an actor who has found success in LA early on in her career, and one who has broken barriers in the world of Hollywood, she has valuable advice to share with other aspiring and working actors in the Industry:

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Katarina Wester (KW) is a professional ballet dancer, teacher, choreographer and ballet mistress who has honed her art and profession all over the world for over 25 years. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, KW graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and continued on to dance with Cramér Ballet, Gothenburg Ballet and Royal Swedish Ballet. KW is currently a ballet teacher and coreographer in The Hague, Netherlands.

KW has danced and taught at some of the most renowned and reputable dance schools in the world, and most recently was the recipient of the 2017 Tyyne and Ivo Cramér Foundation medal.

As an example of a woman who has found success living out her passion in the world of professional ballet, here is her take on success and advice for women, in dancing careers and otherwise:


Meet the modern day "Renaissance Woman" Dossé-Via (DV); she is a French and West-African runway and print model, an actor, a business-owner and entrepreneur, a mother to an 18 month-old, and a wife.

After obtaining her B.A. from the University of Southern California and her Masters degree from Columbia University, DV decided to settle in the Big Apple - the city where dreams are made of- to pursue her passion for modeling and entrepreneurship. Signed to EMG Models in NYC, DV has also cultivated two successful online astrology and life-coaching brands, ScorpioMystique & KnowTheZodiac.

She provides hundreds of thousands of clients around the world with Birth Chart Readings, daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, transit forecasts, compatibility reports and astrological consultations. Look no further to gain access to DV's insightful...

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Malika Guram (MG) is a go-getter female in film living in Los Angeles who just finished her first movie as a Director. The film, Soldier Saints, is a documentary about Sikhism - specifically focused on a 300 year-old festival called Hola Mohalla - that she directed on site in Anandpur Sahib, India. Soldier Saints became much more than a film for MG (and directing a film is a huge accomplishment, especially for a woman in her 20s). Through being involved in every aspect of the making of the documentary, MG returned to LA with the confidence and insight to make her an even better filmmaker. She also realized that the only way for her to set herself apart in the Industry and step out of the corporate ladder was to also step out of her comfort zone and "just make a movie".

Soldier Saints is currently being submitted to festivals around the world - large and small (stills from the film are included above). Stay tuned for what will be an incredible insight into the culture and history of Sikhism, and be sure to check out the Editor's note below!). Here...

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Mary Brickley (MB) is the epitome of a #GirlBoss. As a woman in the male-dominated industry of finance, MB has worked hard her entire career and proven to others that she has what it takes to be successful. She defeated the odds moving up the ladder in corporate banking, and now manages a growing team of young professionals for a private bank.

Mother to two go-getter young women starting their own journeys post-grad, MB and her husband are now entering a new chapter as "empty-nesters" in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here's MB's advice to other women looking to eliminate barriers and break into Wall Street:


Ananda Jade (AJ) Saribalis is a musician, yoga instructor, and caregiver living her best life in Morro Bay, CA. AJ settled in the dreamy beach town after earning her degree from Cal Poly SLO. After trying her hand in the wine and biotech industries, AJ decided to forego the comfort of Corporate America and take a chance pursuing her dreams. AJ is now a singer-songwriter and yogi, surrounded by nature and a thriving, supportive community. Wise beyond her years, this is AJ's story and advice to other women with a vision:

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Mary Brennan (MB) Reich is the founder of a handmade jewelry company, Bare & Golden ( With every piece designed and hand-made by MB herself, she started the company as a survival job to pursue other artistic ventures in Los Angeles, CA. Before long the jewelry caught on with some of the top fashion bloggers in the game, and Bare & Golden took a turn that she never expected. Now her full time pursuit, MB is testing the waters as an entrepreneur running a business that has become very successful in a short amount of time entirely by herself. Here's what she has to say.